The Honey Hoppers 

Swing performance and training company by Sugarpush Vintage Dance

 The Honey Hoppers are an amateur swing dance performance and training group lead by Holly France  The  focus of this group is equal on both performance and training, we want to produce excellent dancers on the stage, as well as on the social dance floor who have confidence and creativity whilst appreciating the history and roots of this dance . This is a very happy a positive group, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to the audience faces.  The group is very supportive of each other, the members always help each other  out along the way, we believe everyone has something they can bring to the group. 

They  have performed at The Lyllian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells, Toynbee Arts Centre, Lylian Baylis, Laban, Zedels, Swing at Sway and One Great Day as well as many other charity and community events. 


We are so happy to have been able to continue this year during the coronavirus pandemic working on solo jazz routines, fitness, strengthen and stretching. We live streamed the class via zoom and since August have also been in the studio, using a combination of zoom and in person.  

We created a routine to Carry the cross for my boss by Lavern Baker, you can see the video here.

We have also been having workshop style classes looking at different styles within the swing dance umbrella such as charleston, blues and shag. We also learned the classic routine Trickeration made famous by the legendary Norma Miller. 

It has been a great time for us to focus on rythym and musicality, tuning in to the music and letting that lead our movement 


While we are online we are offering the membership at £40 half the usual price.

Throughout January we will be doing tasters to see if you like it, you can try out the class any Tuesday for £10.

We have a space ready and waiting for us in London Bridge that is very well ventilated and covid safe, we made a return to the studio at the end of last summer with a combination of online and in-person attendees so thats also an option. At the moment all classes are solo and online as not many people live with their partner, however if you do live with your dance partner and are interested do let us know as we have some options we can offer.

The class is 7-9pm every Tuesday evening delivered via zoom at the moment.

If you have ​any questions at all please just get in touch.


I love being a Honey Hopper. Holly's classes include a great mix of working on technique and musicality, and learning fun, creative dance routines to put it all together. She has created a really supportive, collaborative dance community, which is amazing. The Honey Hoppers classes were my highlight through lockdown. I can't wait to perform with them as soon as we can!
Sarah Charig, member since 2018

We have been fundraising during the pandemic for Clic Sargent, The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, Groundswell and Inc Arts 

We have 2 scholarship places on offer, your membership will be completely free. For more information please send us an email


If you are interested in joining send us an email at for an info pack, feel free to ask us any questions you might have . 

Check you the videos below from the 2019 City Academy show case.